A Celebration of Margaritari: A Magical Jewel on a Pristine Beach

A feast for the senses awaits you at Margaritari’s, a slice of paradise nestled on the beach between Georgioupolis and Rethymno. Picture azure waters, sun-kissed sand, and a place where the salty sea breeze mingles with the tantalising aroma of authentic Greek cuisine. That place is Margaritari’s.


Margaritari, at Παραλία επισκοπης, Rethymno 740 55, stands as a testament to the charm and hospitality of this picturesque corner of Crete.


How to get there

How to get there? Well, the main national highway/motorway runs all along one of the biggest and best beaches in Crete. Episkopi Beach. To come from Georgioupolis, take the national highway going east for two or three kilometres until you see the road from Episkopi coming down to the main road on the right. Opposite on the left is a large layby next to the beach.

Drive off the main road into this layby and continue east on the small beach road parallel to the main road. You will see it on your left two or three hundred metres later. It has a sign that says Margaritari and often a menu chalkboard underneath, giving the day’s meals in Greek and English.

Coming from Rethymno, take the main road west until you see the road to Episkopi going left. Turn right into the layby and right again onto the small beach road. It is the second restaurant on the left.

Saloon & beach

Why is it worth finding?

Why is it worth finding? Well, the restaurant layout is superb and comfortable. The sun beds and umbrellas on the beach are free for customers, and there is excellent service and few tourists. Their menus are in Greek and English, and they speak both. Its unique blend of location, cuisine, and ambience forms a symphony of experiences my wife and I hold dear. You can drink beer, wine or even whisky if you like. You could have a meal or spend a day or evening on this beautiful beach.

main counter

The prices are not tourist prices but regular Greek prices. Their tyropitakias are the best I’ve ever had, and we call there often to sit, listen to the waves and relax. It is superb at all of this and a lot cheaper than Georgioupolis and Rethymnon. It is a great deal and a wonderful place.

The family that runs this establishment embodies the essence of Greek hospitality. Their warmth permeates the air, making you feel more like a cherished friend than a mere patron. With smiles as plentiful as the drinks and Italian coffees they serve. They welcome everyone, creating an environment that spells home.

The family

From the moment you step through the doors, you will experience an atmosphere that radiates warmth and friendliness. The rustic charms of the decor transport you to a simpler time, where life moved at a slower pace, and every meal was a celebration.

the way in

The sunsets at Margaritari deserve a mention. As the sun dips below the horizon, the sky painted in hues of gold and scarlet, you can sit back with your loved one, a glass of local wine in hand, and enjoy the spectacle. Moments like these, simple yet profound, make Margaritari’s more than just a restaurant.

childrens play area

In our countless journeys, we have found few places that evoke the sense of contentment that Margaritari does. Every visit adds a new chapter to our story — a story of love, friendship, and culinary discovery.
So, if you find yourself in Crete, visit Margaritari’s.

Margaritari, for us, signifies a symphony of love, warmth, and culinary delight—a symphony that plays the sweetest melody in our hearts. It’s not just a restaurant; it’s a celebration of life in its most beautiful form. So, come, be a part of this celebration, and take a piece of Margaritari home with you.


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