Carnival Day

Tomorrow is clean Monday, the first day of Lent, and the day that all Greeks go and fly a kite on the beach or a high hill. But today, today was Carnival Day. Here are some pictures of our local carnival in the town of Kalives, Hania.

Carnival Day

These are a few of the well-dressed locals walking through the village on Carnival Day

Carnival Day in Kalives


Now the floats start to go by – headed, of course, by the god Dionysus.


Here is the wonderful queen of the carnival, sitting between the feet of the Sphinx. Perhaps I should have said Egyptian queen, ah well…


And of course, Harry Potter seems to be taking over the world.


I do love this beautiful dragon.


This is the float for the local football team, the Titans.


Perhaps I shouldn’t say too much, but you may remember the recent police raids on the village of Zoniana. This float represents that and you will see . . .


. . . from the writing on the float some of the dubious benefits of that place. The little trailer at the back is of course the safe that was stolen from the local bank and allegedly found somewhere else.


So let us end there with our beautiful dancing girls . . . whoopa!!

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