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Lasithi – An Amazing Remote Plateau.

High in the mountains of Crete, there is a plateau that once, some years ago, was famous for windmills. The scene of so many fluttering windmills was a sight to see. It used to look exactly like this.

lassiti windmills

Lasithi Windmills as they used to be

In fact, these were not so much windmills, but windpumps. Almost every field had one and it used to pump water up from the ground to water the fields. This picture was taken around forty years ago. Today the water is supplied by electrical or oil-driven pumps and the windmills are, alas, gone with the wind.

Today Lasithi has changed. It still grows the staples of Crete, potatoes, apples, vegetables, etc. But sadly without the wonderful windmills.

entering lassiti

Lasithi Today

But do not worry, that is the way of the modern world. There is a consolation, of course. On the edge of the Lassithi Plateau were some real windmills, built many years ago to grind the corn. Today some of them have been rebuilt to house modern people. What goes around comes around.


So here they are

But, maybe, they may spin again . . .

Map of Lasithi

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