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More Spring Splendour

I guess that you all know by now that the Island of Crete has a huge number of wildflowers. Many are found only in Crete. It is in the springtime that these flowers mostly burst out into their individual beauty. And that is when I’m on the prowl with my trusty camera. These pictures were taken over the last few days . . .More Spring Splendour

Cretan Orchids

Cretan Orchids

These are the beautiful pink Cretan Orchids that simply burst out of the ground and are soon in wonderful colour.

A Lily

This is a fine wild lily – hey, I’m not a botanist, I just love the flowers.

More Spring Splendour

Wild Lupins

Here we have the superb wild lupins that grow wonderfully in Crete. I have seen olive groves full of them.

Cretan Wild Iris

Wild Iris

This is the splendid, almost silk-like, wild iris that I have only seen in Crete. They are large flowers that open with a soft delicacy and last for a few days when they die and a second one, brand new, opens on the same stem. Enjoy.

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