Cretan Owl, My Brilliant Little Baby

Owls are lovely creatures. They fly at night and eat up rats and mice. You hardly see them in Crete although they can be heard hooting from time to time. But recently I met a baby owl near the road. Here he is: My Little Cretan Owl.

My Little Cretan Owl

Cute Cretan baby owl

I snapped this picture fast, almost before he knew I was there. Then I moved in a bit to get a close up and the baby owl went into full defence mode. It is truly something to see:

babybowl defence mode

Baby owl in defence mode

He was saying to me, in Greek naturally, come no closer.

I was worried that he had been left alone so I looked to the trees above, and sure enough, his mother was there watching over him.

My Little Cretan Owl

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