Old Pictures of Crete

I was asked recently by someone to post some of my old pictures of Crete. Well, this meant digging them out if I could, and I have lost most of them over the years. Then it meant scanning them and trying to present them at their best and the truth is that there are not many of them that would stand up to all of this.

Anyway, I have a few that I can post on here from time to time, well not too many times. They were taken in the late sixties, and early seventies.

Old Pictures of Crete

Agia Galini

The first one here is one of Agia Galini.

Old Pictures of Crete

No huge tour boats or concrete walls. See how undeveloped it is on the hill and I do love the old bus in the background.

Hora Sfakion

The next one is of Hora Sfakion.


Again this shows how very undeveloped was Hora Sfakion in those days. In fact, the town seems so very small compared to what we see now. No huge promenade or lines of tavernas. It was nice then, I have to say.

Lassithi Plateau

The next picture is one of the Lassithi Plateau.


The first time that I saw Lassithi Plateau it was just like this. Windmills (perhaps I should say windpumps) everywhere. All the land was farmed and it was a truly splendid place. Tourists up here were very rare, but no one was bothered. They loved their life and the profits they made from their produce. Today the Greek Agricultural Water Company supplies all the water and the pretty windmills are gone except for the odd taverna here or there. Progress, perhaps; but who knows? There are fewer people there now and much less is farmed. You tell me?

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