Preveli Bay

My wife decided, as she often does, that we should go to Preveli Bay. It has a good beach and palm trees, we had heard. I had also heard that there was a road that now went close to Preveli which started right by the taverna beside the pond and the beautiful old Venetian bridge on the road to Preveli Monastery.

Preveli Bay

Well, we arrived at the old Venetian bridge and took the road that went to the beach. After about 100 metres of tarmac, it became a dirt road. “Are you sure you still want to go,” I asked her?

So we continued on along the road with its steep slopes and sharp bends and after more than eight kilometres we came to a nice but scruffy beach with a big sign pointing to steps up the cliff side saying ‘Preveli Beach, ten minutes.’

We bought some water from the mini market (yes there is one there) and started to climb the steps. As we climbed, the steps themselves got steeper, higher if you like. “Are you really sure you still want to go,” I asked again?


Preveli Bay

As we got to near the top of this fairly stiff climb, we came upon a narrow path that wound around the cliff side. In places you had to duck to walk under the cliff. It wasn’t easy going in the heat of the day. There were many more steps and steep cliff sides that looked a long way down. And then we came to the final edge and there beneath us was Preveli Bay.


The green tinged river flowed down and across the sand and it is true, there are palm trees there.

We were both quite pleased with finding Preveli Bay and so we fed the geese by the bridge on the long dusty drive home.

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