Spring Has Arrived In Crete.

Although yesterday was a tad cloudy in Hania, we decided to hunt for spring in the Amari valley – 500 metres above sea level. Around two weeks ago we had a cold snap that was part of the worst cooling period in February for fifty years – all across the northern hemisphere. Yesterday in the Amari valley it was just pure warm sunshine and cloudless blue skies – and everywhere, like magic, flowers had sprung up. The magic that is always spring in crete.

Wild Fennel

Here are the huge yellow balls of flower on the wild fennel.

Wild Irises

The wild dwarf Irises bursting through the undergrowth

Psiloritis and a Pistachio in blossom.

Here is the superb wild Pistachio tree with snowy Psiloritis (Mount Ida) behind.

Wild Anenomes

Wild Anenomes bursting through the grass. In fact these Amari Anenomes are so beautiful that I took a close up:

Close up of Wild Anenomes

So there you have  it. Spring has sprung already on the beautiful island of Crete.

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