The Holocaust of Arkadi -some photographs

For all those of you who have read the article – The Holocaust of Arkadi – either in the Crete Courier or here on this website in the Crete Courier section – Crete Courier 003 – or are just interested in the monastery of Arkadi, here are some pictures that I took a couple of weeks ago at Arkadi Monastery.


This is the famous church of Arkadi Monastery taken from the gateway into the monastery. Note the Venetian architecture.


This is of course the magazine where the gunpowder was stored. The gunpowder was fired as the monastery fell to the Turks. Now they have this strangely painted mural at the end of the magazine as you can see. This is quite new and went up just a few years ago. It is there to depict in picture form what happened during the holocaust.


This is the front gate of the monastery looking outwards. It was this gate that finally succumbed to the big cannon that the Turks brought up from Rethymno.

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