incredible jalopies
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The Incredible Jalopies

Here in Crete, we have a relatively large collection of incredible jalopies – most still on the road. Some of them go back forty years and consist basically of a rotovator without the blades with a seat and trailer on the back. Later they joined the front engine to the trailer and then we had, hey presto, the first of the incredible jalopies. Here is one . . .

incredible jalopies

Early Crete Greece Jalopy

Local Incredible Jalopies

Interestingly in a village not far from where I live is a lovely old blue jalopy. I dare not guess at the age, but it is on the road and in daily use by a very mature farmer. It is painted blue and it goes pretty well, if not fast.


The Bouncing Bright Blue Jalopy

As I said, it is indeed in daily use. In the field beside the above picture the farmer was tilling his land and loading some wild greens in the back for his family to eat.

jalopy back

Fetching greens for his family

In the dictionary, it says that a jalopy is an old vehicle – more or less – not a shining vintage car. So there we have it . .

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