The Bold Signs of the Dam

To provide further context and respond to a few requests, I will share two photographs of the signs near this impressive new dam. These signs offer valuable information about the dam, its purpose, and other relevant details.
These signs of the dam, with their detailed inscriptions, serve as informative guides, offering insights into the dam’s construction, its function, and perhaps even its environmental or social impact on the surrounding area.
In addition to these, I will also post another photograph that truly captures the sheer magnitude of this dam. This image will provide a perspective that underscores the dam’s size and the scale of human engineering involved in its creation.

Sign One

signs of the dam

Sign Two


Here we have the second sign, a more recent addition than the first one. These signs provide a more comprehensive understanding of the situation when viewed together.

Upon closer inspection, we can see that the cost associated with this project is just over six million euros. This figure, while substantial, is indicative of the scale and complexity of the undertaking. It’s a testament to the significant resources invested in this endeavour, by the European Union. reflecting its importance and value.

Despite their age difference, the combination of these two signs offers a layered perspective. The older sign might provide historical context or initial plans, while the newer sign updates us with current information, such as the cost. By piecing together these details, we can form a more complete picture of the ongoing developments here.


Here is an attempt to capture the enormity of the dam in a photograph. As you can see, nestled behind the abandoned house, a colossal wall of rock and stone ascends vertically, dwarfing everything in its vicinity. The sheer scale of this structure is truly awe-inspiring.

You can spot a couple of small white buildings at the zenith of the dam. Despite their modest size, these structures serve as a stark contrast to the vast expanse of the dam, further emphasizing its grandeur.

The juxtaposition of the deserted house, the high dam, and the tiny buildings at its crest paints a powerful picture of human engineering prowess. It’s a testament to our ability to reshape the natural world, often with breathtaking results.

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